Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy MOM!

You gotta read this...I still stand behind our policy of not cutting cuticle on children!!!!  She also told me that she gets her daughters legs waxed.  OMG!

Mani Pedi Snooty will not be getting any more business from my family.  My daughter and I walked in to make a mani/pedi appt. for her 12th birthday, and told the woman at the counter such.  The day before her appt., I read through the website and found a notice on the last page stating:  "No cutting of nails or cuticles will be performed on children ages 12 and under." (http://www.manipedicut...)

When I called to verify that they wouldn't actually be giving her a real mani/pedi the woman who answered could not have been more blas√©.  Thank goodness I read their "Herstory" or I wouldn't have known anything about their policy (which I've never heard about anywhere else) and we would have shown up on my daughter's birthday for a what?  Finger scrubby and polish?

I know they don't care, but they've lost the business of the three people in my family who get their nails done.

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